Location Malvern SA
Completed December 2022
Services General construction

Project Summary

80 Cheltenham Street, Malvern is sited within a local conservation zone which faced a number challenges for the architect during the design phase. The new contemporary addition in my opinion, greatly compliments the existing facade.
The internal standard was designed and delivered without compromise. New challenges were met with the introduction of sky windows both above the kitchen island and the main ensuite above the shower. This required a custom built frame and glass panel as they were a departure from proprietary sky light sizing.

Internal face brickwork within the main living provided a seamless relationship with the external component of the new addition.
Charcoal stained timber battens over a black ceiling gave a feeling of warmth to the main living space.

The cabinetry was probably the stand out component to the internal finishes. In some cases, details were pioneered by our contractors. Again the level of finishes we built to the highest standard under the careful watch from both myself and the architect.

One of the main features of the external finishes was the face brickwork. Bricks imported from Spain provided the project with a high level of sophistication.

The rear structural steel blade canopy again sought challenges through the construction phase, however set the project apart from your “standard” architectural addition.

Small components from the new were introduced to the existing building such as the window sills. This provided the project with another level of sophistication with compromising the existing architecture.

Commercial aluminium double glazed window suites were constructed to the highest level from our contractor Packer windows.